The latest technologies of water clearing and disinfection by ECA

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Device for purification, disinfection of drinking water,
giving water antioxidant properties and Production of Cathode (Live) and Anode (Dead) Water
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- Anolyte (catolyte) (ELECRTOLYSED WATER) is the safest disinfectant in the world, which is used:

- for disinfection and sterilization in medicine ,

- for disinfection and cleaning in the food industry ,

- to preserve the harvest in agriculture,

- for the disinfection of drinking water,

- for the disinfection of the water of swimming pools,

- for eliminate bacteria from the hydraulic fracturing of wells

- for disinfection in pig and poultry production ,

- for wastewater disinfection ,

- for the treatment of greenhouses for growing vegetables and fruit,

- for the prevention and treatment of diseases

- And much more besides

It is possible to avoid use antibiotics when growing birds and animals.

In all of this areas anolyte is very effective and brings a considerable economical profit.

- of water purifiers , water filters , water ionizers IZUMRUD(Emerald), which are used for cleaning, disinfecting of drinking water , for water ionization ( alkaline ionized water) and produce water with antioxidant properties for apartments, houses, offices, cafes, schools , hospitals , etc.
Scientific and Production Enterprise 'Izumrud' was founded in 1998. The objective of its creation was to organize production of equipment and solution, which works on electro-chemical activation (ECA) principle, further develop and researches of this technology. The SPE 'Izumrud' company was created as the highly technological research-and-production firm covering all stages of creation of production from scientific and design development to manufacturing of end production. SPE 'Izumrud' is a creator and a manufacture of products, which work on the electro-chemical activation of the water and saline solution principle :
'Izumrud' devices IZUMRUD("Emerald") for water purification, disinfecting drinking water and receiving water with antioxidant properties
'Aquaeca' machines - "AQUAECA" devices (Electrolyzed Water Generator) for production of disinfecting, sterilizing and washing solutions aquaeca (anolyte, electrolyzed water) (productivity 20-2000 l/h)
Aerosol generators 'TUMAN' A mobile installation for disinfecting objects, with remote control, consists of "uman" an aerosol(anolyte) generator.
The most of the collective of SPE'Izumrud' are qualified scientific and technical specialists.
During the years of working SPE'Izumrud' took part in about thirty exhibitions, was awarded with several diplomas and medals.
Trade marks 'Izumrud' and 'Aquaeca' belong to SPE 'Izumrud'.
SPE 'Izumrud' regularly conducts scientific researches in order to investigate properties of 'Aquaeca' solutions; the company has its patents on effective models and patents for its inventions. Trade marks 'Izumrud' and 'Aquaeca' belong to SPE 'Izumrud'.
During the time of working (from 1998 to 2007) there has been produced and installed tens of thousands of devices in Russia and in other countries. SPE 'Izumrud' ltd. deliver its devices to Mexico, the USA, Italy, France and Slovakia and other countries on a contract basis.
Productions of SPE 'Izumrud' are developing continually, undergo strict production control and have all the necessary certificates. The company keeps to its warranty obligations undeviatingly.
Developing ECA technologies SPE 'Izumrud' contributes to a matter of the protection of the environment and human being.

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What is ECA?
Electrochemical activation (ECA) is a new area of the electrochemistry. It allows to solve important ecological problems of technological processes that are interconnected with the utilization of the water. It allows the use of purified biologically valuable drinking water, the manufacture of ecologically completely harmless, environment amicable and highly effective wash, disinfection, and sterilization solution.

Some fields of application of Electrochemical Activation

Disinfection, pre-sterilizing cleaning and sterilizing of metal products of simple configuration (scalpels, pincers, etc.), metal products of complicated configuration (needles, wound dilators, forceps for teeth extraction, etc.), different tooth steel drills, glass products (test-tubes, capillaries, etc.), rubber products (catheters, probes, etc.), endotracheal drains, capillary and laminar dialyzers and oxygenerators, endoscopes. Disinfection and washing of dishes, toys and surfaces covered with plastic, oil paint, linoleum, sanitary and cleaning stock, rooms, clothes, elimination of unpleasant smells. Washing of surgeon's hands and arms without negative influence for skin. Curing of burns, trophic ulcers, dermatosis, festering and inertly granulated wounds, post-operational, post-traumatic, post-injectional and other purulent after-effects, mastitis, bursitis, panaris, non-specific ulcerative colitis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, hypertension, kidney diseases, gout, allergic diseases (including asthma), stomach eczema, leucosis as well as irregulations of metabolism and fermentative function of stomach, salmonella of gastro-intestinal form, colpitis, diseases of immunogenesis dysfunction, gingivitis, acute bacterial dysentery, stomatitis, hemolytic anemia, parodontitis, viral hepatitis A and B, liver and bile duct diseases, angina pectoris, hypertonic desease, diabetes age irregulations of metabolism (obesity, cartilage ossification, keratosis), urate diathesis; reduction and exclusion of antibiotics when curing chronic haematogenic and post-traumatic osteomyelitis, sub-diaphragm, interloop and pelvic abscess of abdomen; curing of fungous diseases, hemorrhoids.
Municipal servises

Decontamination of water in swimming pools; disinfection and washing in hotels, airports, railway stations, nursery schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, children's summer recreation centers, health farms, sanatoriums, restaurants, cafes, hairdressing saloons, baths, lavatories and rooms, epidemically dangerous regions, elimination of any kinds of mustiness, elimination of unpleasant smells. Decontamination of water supply systems and water pipes, cooling towers. Eliminating of Legionelle pnevmophilla. Disinfection of water in tanks, including yachts and sports boats. Disinfection of ballast water on courts of the big displacement, etc. Application of the aerosol complex 'AQUAECA-TUMAN' for disinfection of closed spaces of rooms, containers, transport, and sanative treatment of air milieu.

Household application

Decontamination and purification of drinking water. Treating foods with the purpose of improving their preservation (fruits, vegetables, berries, meat, fish). Sterilizing items of household use, items of medical care, washing and bleaching of linen. Cosmetic care of skin and hair; preparation of cosmetic creams, lotions, masks, infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Treatment and prevention of diseases of pets, tank fishes; indoor plant pest control. Elimination of unpleasant smells.
Food industry, fish cannery

Disinfection of rooms and equipment, increase in periods of storage of products, vegetables, fruit, elimination of unpleasant smells. Disinfection of closed spaces of rooms, containers, transport, and sanative treatment of air milieu using the aerosol complex 'AQUAECA-TUMAN'.
Rural economy, farming, gardening

Disinfection of rooms of cattle-breeding complexes, the dairy equipment, improvement of conditions of the maintenance of animals, reduction in diseases of animals, increase in periods of storage of vegetables, fruit, flowers, elimination of unpleasant smells.
Stimulation of plant growth and development, increasing the yield of plant crop by way of presowing seed treatment, grain disinfection; pest control, combating viral and fungal plant diseases; composted dung preparation.
Washing and disinfection of milk lines, milking apparatuses and other equipment; watering animals for treating and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.
Bee diseases control, raising immunity and productivity of bees.

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